?What can you do to relieve menstrual cramps - doctor

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الخميس، 28 يوليو 2022

?What can you do to relieve menstrual cramps


What causes  menstrual cramps? why some girls feel it more than others? and what can relieve this pain? this article would answer all your questions about  menstrual cramps

?What are the main reasons of  menstrual cramps

During the period the uterus contracts to help expel its lining, the muscular walls tighten and the levels of prostaglandins are up which are the main reason of sever  menstrual cramps

The higher prostaglandins levels a girl has, the more pain she would endure 

?What do period pain feel like

Nausea, leg pain, back pain,  headaches, tightening, painful stomach and many other symptoms which varies from one girl to another

:Some recommendations to help a girl gets rid of menstrual cramps

:There are many herbs a girl can use to relieve her period pain such as
Ginger root
Fennel root
Cinnamon bark
Angelica root
Those are the best herbs for menstrual cramps, and as other kind of treatment we recommend the following: massage the area with essential oils 
Use a heat patch to relax the uterus muscles
Exercise, or do yoga
Have a hot path
Take pain killers (like paracetamol, ibuprofen, diclofenac) or antispam 
Have some rest or sleep

When the pain is unbearable a girl should visit her doctor because it might be a sign for more serious diseases 

?Do this cramps be less painful after getting married or being older

Unfortunately, this also varies between women and there is no specific answer for this question