?Can I get ride of acne - doctor

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الاثنين، 25 يوليو 2022

?Can I get ride of acne


Acne is a medical problem which causes a lot of red spots on your face or body and mainly affects young people, It usually causes pimples and whiteheads 

?What are the major reasons of acne

When testosterone, progesterone  and estrogen levels are going up, acne will occur, those hormones the main causative factor for acne, usually these hormones go up during ministration cycles and pregnancy, when hormonal levels change they would increase the amount of oil skin produces in addition, People can be prone to acne due to their genetics 
Another reason of acne is not taking care of skin health and cleansing, which allow some kinds of bacteria to grow on the skin and cause acne
Sugar, salt, chocolate, cola and fast  food are some types of food which can also cause acne

?How long does acne last

It usually takes 1-2 weeks to disappear by its own, but it can be treated with many different ways to accelerate the treatment

?How to treat acne

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid  are the most common medications for acne
Topical retinoid and topical antibiotics could help 
:You can also follow these recommendations
 Do not touch acne-prone areas
Wash the area with gentle cleanser 
Avoid any kind of food which irritate your skin
Drink water regularly