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الجمعة، 3 يونيو 2022

? Is Minamata a real disease


Minamata is a disease affects the central nervous system, which is caused by poisoning with methylmercury. It was first discovered in a small village in Japan in 1956

People who lived in Minamata village were basically dependent on eating fishes and seafood from the sea that chemical factories water were diverted to

:Symptoms of Minamata

  •  Muscles weakness
  • Numbness in the hands
  •  Auditory and visual disturbances
  •  Dysarthria
  •  Ataxia
  • Tremor
This sever symptoms led to more than 1500 death and thousands of people were left disfigured

?Is there a treatment for Minamata 

Unfortunately, scientists could not discover a real treatment for  Minamata, all they could do is to relieve the symptoms, When mercury is absorbed by a little amount, it can be halted but when the body endures large quantities of methylmercury the situation becomes abnormal and human bodies can not deal with it which lead to Minamata disease. In addition pregnant women transmitted the disease to their fetuses which made the pandemic even worse
Minamata disaster  was finally over when the  factories quit poisoning Minamata's water in 1968
 Minamata was the most devastating mercury pollution record

If you are interested in watching a documentary about Minamata pandemic click here
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