?How can swimming improve your health - doctor

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الخميس، 16 يونيو 2022

?How can swimming improve your health


Swimming is one of the most popular activities all around the world, many people learn how to swim in their early years of life, as summer is here when people like to go swimming more and more, here are some benefits of swimming and the things you need to be careful with during it

List of the most common swimming advantages

  • Swimming helps your muscles to stretch, the act of swimming could move all your body's muscles together
  • Swimming can help your breathing and enhance your lung capacity
  • It can help you lose weight because one hour of swimming helps you to move your entire body and burn calories just like running
  • Swimming help the cardiovascular system maintain healthy by reducing blood pressure 
  • Your mental health would become better after swimming while it helps you to boost your brain functions
  • and all the stress will be over
  • Relieves asthma
  • Improve your sleep quality

With all this benefits how could swimming be harmful

Actually, swimming could have some disadvantages for our hair as swimming pools could have a large amount of chlorine which also could be harmful for people with sensitivity issues (eyes _ skin), in addition people should be really carful of accidents and sudden injuries 
People should not swim for too long which could cause overuse injuries for the muscles 
Children also should not swim without taking care of them by an older person

However, swimming is a real great activity for everybody, as the sun is shinning take the chance and start enjoying your vacations and weekends